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In 2008, Joe Sullivan and Aron Gerdan started Paradigm Plumbing & Mechanical in Joe’s basement in Ferndale. Both had years of plumbing, mechanical, and construction experience, and the pair quickly began fulfilling plumbing installation needs and finding their niche working with builders and homeowners throughout Metro Detroit. Paradigm has grown to be one of the leading residential and commercial installers and service providers in the region, and its ever-expanding customer base can be attributed to honest and friendly service. Today, the Paradigm Plumbing & Mechanical and Paradigm HOME Service teams are qualified, insured, and ready and willing to serve all your plumbing needs.


We will treat your home like our home.

You can trust us because we live, work, and play where you do. 

We are respectful of your time and your budget. 

We are fast, friendly, and efficient. 

We love what we do, and we do it well. 


joe sullivan

About Joe

Joe Sullivan was born and raised in Ferndale, Michigan, and if you know Ferndale, you know the Sullivan name. Both’s Joe’s father, Joe, and his uncle Pat, served as chief of police and his mother’s father was also on the police force. Along with graduating from Ferndale High, Joe and his family have never left Ferndale. The dedication and lineage to this small hamlet run deep. 


While committed to the community, Joe is the “outlaw” in the family, choosing to start his own business. 

aron gerdan

About Aron

Aron Gerdan’s foray into plumbing was by chance.  While on a job with Joe, a friend and fellow plumber asked them for help on a big roof drain project. “It kind of stuck from there,” he says of getting into the business. Today he thrives on the fact Paradigm provides the best product available for commercial and residential customers. He says the combined knowledge of the team and how well they work together is what makes the Paradigm difference. 


Aron and Joe met via a mutual friend in 1997, started working together, and decided to open their own business. Aron has been learning and refining his craft ever since, whether on the job, through classes, or at supplier workshops. 


Born and raised in Pleasant Ridge, Aron moved to Berkley after high school and then settled in Ferndale. Two years ago, he moved back to Pleasant Ridge on the same street where he grew up. 


When he’s not working, Aron collects old skateboards, BMX bikes, and other collectibles. 

kevin leitheim

About Kevin

Kevin Leitheim started in plumbing after high school on new construction projects and moved to the service side in 2008 after the recession. “I knew there would always be a need for service, no matter how shaky the economy was,” he says. “What I love is going from house to house, knowing that at the end of the day, I’m helping people.” In just a few years, he knew it was what he wanted to do for a living, that there was something bigger and better waiting. “That's when I met the ‘Boys’ from Paradigm!” 


In 2018, Joe and Aron tasked Kevin with starting the HOME service division. Since then, Kevin has accomplished two personal goals: getting his Journeyman card and completing multiple supplier training, including tankless water and confined space training. In his five years with Paradigm, he’s had the opportunity to be a leader, mentor, and team player. 


He and his wife and daughter live in Royal Oak – their first home. “My second home is at Paradigm.”


Paradigm is a family. We are hard-working, dedicated, and trustworthy, and we take pride in our work. Many of us have been part of Paradigm since the early days, and we love welcoming new team members. It’s this team that has made Paradigm Plumbing and Mechanical and Paradigm HOME the success it is today. 


paradigm van

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